Audit & Assurance

To establish strong foundations and efficient management structures, businesses must accurately document their financial transactions, assess their systems, and measure outcomes. Our comprehensive audit services encompass both assurance and advisory, surpassing mere compliance with statutory obligations. We adopt an approach that adds value to our clients’ businesses, actively listening to their needs and designing models that account for all relevant business implications. By doing so, we aim to enhance productivity and contribute to the long-term success of our clients.


Our primary goal is to support clients in achieving their objectives, evaluating performance, and effectively managing risks. We prioritize meticulous early planning and dedicate ourselves to understanding the distinctive characteristics of each client’s business. This approach allows us to conduct a timely, cost-efficient, and independent audit that meets their specific needs and delivers the desired outcomes.

Audits and Assurance offered

  • Statutory audits
  • Value for money audits
  • Project audits
  • Retirement and pension audit (RBAs)
  • Service charge audits
  • Special purpose audits
  • Cooperative societies (Saccos)