Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that takes place throughout the year in order to help the business achieve its strategic goals. Clarifying expectations, creating objectives, identifying targets, offering feedback, and assessing results are all part of the communication process.

Employees who are new to a role or are unclear on performance expectations can use a performance improvement plan (PIP), as can employees who are consistently falling short of performance expectations and whose performance may necessitate the start of a progressive discipline process based on the performance level.

Goal setting is the process of deciding on a set of objectives to attain over a period of time. It is the performance criterion against which an employee will be judged. Individual employee performance goals should ideally match with company objectives.

The practice of evaluating an employee’s progress toward objectives is known as a performance review

All employees’ strengths and shortcomings are documented on a regular basis so that the company may make educated and accurate judgments about their contributions, career growth, training needs, promotions, pay raises, and other matters. 

The objective and subjective considerations of how to assess and evaluate employee performance outcomes are part of the performance review and evaluation process.

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