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ICT Management requires a broad range of skills encompassing hardware, software, infrastructure and business management. Extracting value from ICT assets requires a 360-degree approach whereby effectiveness and efficiency tie in with business value and total cost of ownership.

ICT strategy development provides alignment between the business and the ICT function ensuring that all oars are pulling in the right direction. The appropriate ICT infrastructure underpins the success of the enterprise and even provides a competitive advantage.

The strategic investment in ICT infrastructure provides support to the enterprise that will ensure that business decisions can be made within an environment that is adequately informed with relevant data. Timely information aerates the combustion of business processes, and this can only be achieved through the correct ICT infrastructure.

The reliance of businesses on information means this lifeblood must be protected and secured from bottle-necks. Business Continuity Plans ensure that mission-critical information continues to flow to key decision makers in the event of catastrophe or disaster that threatens the organisations existence.

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